Sleeping and feeding habbits of a baby – how to survive!

Sleeping babies are the best! Our first, A, she didn’t sleep accept while breastfeeding. As soon as someone told me to put her down I shook my head and said “Never!”. Not because I loved having her feeding 24/7 but because I was scared she would wake and screaming for more food. Nobody told me that if I ate properly she would be more satisfied and also sleep better. Well OK someone mentioned something about sleeping habits but I laught out loud and probably said something about dreamworlds, impossible, no such thing etc. I was caught in a vicious circle. I didn’t eat well/she didn’t eat well-She was by my breast all the time trying to get food/I sat on the sofa nursing her not eating – She only slept while eating(=using me as her pacifier)/I didn’t sleep or rest when I should which led to real problems with my back.

Today I know better. J had a better start though, I was prepared for the first horrors of breastfeeding (yes, horrors. I know we never talk about the bad stuff) and had all the creams and nipple-protection I needed. I was also prepared with a menu and food in the freezer. My dear husband made sure I had easy access to good fatty (good fats like salmon) food. This made all the difference! J was a happy, satisfied baby that slept(!!!) without “mommyfier”.

The other day I got a newsletter from a site called (translates something like ride a about sleeping and feeding habits of a baby with a little counter on the bottom to get an estimated time of sleep and when it should be during the day and when the baby is good to go to sleep in the evening. Why oh why didn’t I get this info before!? Now I’ll but J to sleep a little bit earlier and maybe have some alone time with my better half. For you who know Swedish or you who rely on a translator visit this immediately and plan your day outside of the sofa. Or share it with someone who might need a little help.


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