Moving out

The time is ticking and its soon time for us to get into the car and drive 600 km to the south of Sweden, Skåne, the first stop of our journey. To survive financially we are renting out our apartment for 2.5 months which makes me a little nervous. What if something happens and we have to come back? What if the family that moves in gets possessed by a demon and demolishes the place and we loose our home?… (really…?)

Well, there are a lot of what if´s.

Now we have to pack not only our traveling bags but also pack all of our private stuff and tuck it away in storage (what if there is a flood and we lose everything in storage?!?), we basically have to move out. I hate moving! Does anyone like it? the cleaning, the “oh, look at this, I thought I’ve thrown that away ages ago.. should i keep this?, the throwing stuff (I’m the worst horder..). We have SO MUCH STUFF! And I like it all, almost.

How is the packing going? How can I put it? -Bad. Either the kids are sick and need attention or Husband is sick, or .. You know, sometimes the everyday stuff is a little to much. The moving stuff is defiantly challenging. Specially when I have so much to tell You.

One more reason I don’t get a lot of packing done is that we have visitors from Poland. My amazingly talented friend and her husband, Tyśka and Forest, the creators behind Avocado and 4REST! You have to check out their work! More about them later. Now I have a box to fill.




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