3 days left to takeoff and… 

….I`m starting to get stressed. My husband had his last day at work last week and though we have our parental leave fixed I can’t help worry about our budget this summer and also rest of the year. M did not only go on parental leave, he also quit his work all together! In the shadow of the terrorist attack in Stockholm earlier this year we decided to spend as much time as possible together so I prolonged my parental leave as well. You don’t exactly get rich on that if you know what I mean.. At least we got green light from our landlord to rent out the apartment while we are away. Unfortunately the tenants that signed the lease decided to not keep their end of the agreement and now, a few days away from the start of our journey it’s at risk of not happening at all. I don’t even have the energy to use an exclamation mark… It’s not the end of the world, I know. We will go anyway (but you will read about an extreme low budget trip through Poland), we are lucky Poland is awesome on a budget too!

I must admit, writing this last sentence got me a little energy, off course we will go. It will be great and why not do it on a tight budget? They have something called “Bar mleczny” so food won’t be an issue!


In all this chaos we had to take a break and go on a spontaneous little trip to Norrköping. Why did no one tell me about the beauty of this town before!? Check this out!


Tired but hopeful



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