Turist in my own town 

It is great to have guests from out of town! A couple of weeks ago our good friends from 4REST came for a few days and gave me a chance to show what I love about Stockholm and to be a tourist in my own town! And though we often have guests from far away I must confess that I never do all the turist-stuff with them. I can provide a map, a access card and my phone number in case they get arrested..

Or something.

This time (besides The Vasa museum and the island Djurgården (I highly recommend a visit or 10!) that was on their “to do-list”) we visited the 1km flee market organized by Birkagården,  the Trä, Folk och Verktyg (Wood, People and Tools) festival  organized by Subtopia and Stockholms länsmuseum and finished of with a awesome BBQ at our garden.

The flee-market was amazing. They kidnapped 1 km of a street in the middle of Stockholm and put out their tables and sold everything from babystuff to  well, hard to know but whats that saying? One mans junk another mans treasure?

One of my favorites at the wood-festival, a Lathe

Trä, Folk och Verktyg-Svarv/Lathe
A Pole Lathe at the wood-festival


Visit Stockholm and do all the non-turisty-things! Much more fun, I promise!






Don’t forget to check out 4REST Handcrafts! My husband got this one in his collection… I just love it!



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