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Turist in my own town 

It is great to have guests from out of town! A couple of weeks ago our good friends from 4REST came for a few days and gave me a chance to show what I love about Stockholm and to be a tourist in my own town! And though we often have guests from far away I must confess that I never do all the turist-stuff with them. I can provide a map, a access card and my phone number in case they get arrested..

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Moving out

The time is ticking and its soon time for us to get into the car and drive 600 km to the south of Sweden, Skåne, the first stop of our journey. To survive financially we are renting out our apartment for 2.5 months which makes me a little nervous. What if something happens and we have to come back? What if the family that moves in gets possessed by a demon and demolishes the place and we loose our home?… (really…?) Continue reading “Moving out”

Why am I here? who am I?


Well, I am a wife and a mother of two. The youngest (boy) is 5 months (in may 2017) and oldest (girl) is 2 y and 8 months. I love them to pieces!! But, staying at home (though we (mothers) don´t really have time), I want to do so much and I want to share it with my loved ones.

My first step into creating this blog came from Alida at The Realistic Mama. One day I get an e-mail, a newsletter I forgot that I signed on to, saying its possible to share your passions and hobbies and make money at the same time. At first I thought “what a fraud..” (Sorry Alida!) But then I read a little and then a little more and joined her basic training in blogging and I got hooked. Not because blogging is my biggest passion but because maybe (a big maybe) my husband and I could spend more time with each other and become more of a couple again and spend more time with our kids so that we can enjoy them growing up (I don´t want to be sorry about missing out on my children when they are all grown up..you know what I mean?). This blog , you can say, is a FamilyTimeSpending-moneyMakingOnABlogInEurope-Experiment.  Lets hope it works!

What do I want to share?

You know, basics, family-life, food, DIY, fun with the kids.. yes that sounded boring! Haha!

At this moment we live in Stockholm, Sweden. A lot is going on here and within the family. We often dream of going back to our homeland, Poland. And now most of you think “What!? Why? Everyone is moving away from there…”. Yes that is true but a lot of people are also returning. Family is the main reason, the money is not worth losing your family over. We have a different situations though because we did not migrate to get a better job. My parent moved here at the end of the 1980´s and I am raised here in Sweden. My husband left his safe home to start a new life with me. We do miss Poland though and family being the main reason there are many more why we want to return. In Sweden both parents have the possibility to be at home on parental leave. We decided to take the chance and spend some more time in our old neighbourhoods and take a two month road-trip to Poland. And this is the secondary thing I want to share. The primary reason is to  spend more time with my family and be able to document thoughts and adventures of myself and my family, share the experience and learn something from life.

I would love hear from you guys and share experiences and thoughts on life and family here on this blog. I hope you will enjoy it!


Lots of love